The Most Beautiful Heart

What is Ur Heart Like..? A young man was standing on the middle of the town. Proclaiming the he had the most beautifull heart. it was perfect. there was not markor flawn in it. Suddenly, an old man appeared and said “ur heart si not nearly as beautiful as mine”. the young man look at the olg man’s heart. it was beating strongly, but it was full of scars, jagged edge and holes.

He laught “oyu must be joking”. he said ” compare u heart with mine.”. mine is perfect an your is a mess of scars and tears. yes, the old man said:

every scars represent a person to whom i given my love. i tear out a piece of my heart and i give it to them and often they give me a piece of them heartwhich fits into the empty placein my heart. but because the piece aren’t exact. i have some rought edge whit i cheris because they remind me of the love we share. sometine a have given piece of my heart away. an the other person hasn’t returned a piece of his heart to me. these are the empty gouges. giving love, is taking a chance. althought these gouges are painfull. they stay open. remind me of the love i have for these people too. and a hope some day they may return and fill the space i have waiting.

so now do you see what true beauty is? what is ur heart like? did u protec it without scars?


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