Quorum Sensing by Bacteria (Working Together)

They work together as group, not individualWe talk about things are invisible bacteria are basicly invisible to our eyes and yet we covered with them. They honest, illnest, they everywhere. The scientist known about bacteria for hundred years and what bacteria are primitive single cell organism with grow twice in the middle, One became two and the other things. Bacteria is social organism, we thought no possibility for bacteria could accomplish all the things they manage like making a sick (that terrible things but also makes a lot wonderfull things). One bacteria could influence their environment. And what we showed what Quorum Sensing is bacteria making a release tiny molecule, like hormone, that molecule grow in the outside of the cell. The other bacteria detect this molecule, all bacteria change their bahaviour in unity. So that they carry on the new task as group not for individual task like you want to move a piano. U don’t do it for ur self but…u call ur friend and 1..2..3… u move the piano and every body does it together. So we called Quorum Sensing. And They (bacteria) said “we have enough to do it…”. And they do it. Whatever it is

the bacterial communication phenomenon that we study is called quorum sensing, which is a process that allows bacteria to communicate using secreted chemical signaling molecules called autoinducers. This process enables a population of bacteria to collectively regulate gene expression and, therefore, behavior. In quorum sensing, bacteria assess their population density by detecting the concentration of a particular autoinducer, which is correlated with cell density. This “census-taking” enables the group to express specific genes only at particular population densities. Quorum sensing is widespread; it occurs in numerous Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. In general, processes controlled by quorum sensing are ones that are unproductive when undertaken by an individual bacterium but become effective when undertaken by the group. For example, quorum sensing controls bioluminescence, secretion of virulence factors, sporulation, and conjugation. Thus, quorum sensing is a mechanism that allows bacteria to function as multi-cellular organisms.

to understand more about quorum sensing and how it works, here some journals can be downloaded
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