Don’t be Tricked- Seeing the Label

Ramadhan is a time of year when we remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves. When we break our fasts with dates, it would be an affront to us all if the dates were the produce of illegal Israeli settlements built on land stolen from Palestinians.

Israeli produced Medjoul dates are grown in the Jordan Valley within illegal Israeli settlements. They form a large part of the agricultural produce from these settlements which are then exported all over the world. Buying these dates means that you are actually helping Israeli settlers steal Palestinian land.

Israelis claim Palestinians are given jobs working on the land of these settlers

Public Launch: Check the Label Campaign – Boycott Israeli Dates

Date: Thursday, July 15, 2010
Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Location: E1 Business Centre
Street: 7 Whitechapel Road,
City/Town: London, United Kingdom
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The campaign is to encourage everyone to ‘Check the Label’ and ensure no one buys dates from Israel, West Bank or Jordan Valley to break their fasts.

Speakers at the launch include:

Rizwan Hussain – Presenter and Community Activist
Ruqayyah Collector – Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Shamiul Joarder – Friends of Al Aqsa

They will be covering what is happening in the West Bank in relation to where dates are grown; the importance of the boycott and discussing stratgies for successful campaigning.

All the campaign materials will be available to distribute.

NEW LEAFLET: To order copies please contact the PSC office

and a boycott will harm them. In actual fact, these Palestinians are employed for paltry wages, to do the back-breaking work that the Israeli settlers will not do themselves.

Settlers exploit Palestinian children, who are forced to miss out on their education and work long hours under the hot baking sun for small sums of money. The price of settlement produced dates are cheaper compared to those produced by Palestinian farmers as a result

Don’t let your money go towards entrenching Israel’s occupation of Palestine

Check the label. Do not buy dates that come from: Israel, West Bank or Jordan Valley

Support the Palestinian economy by buying Palestinian produced fair trade Medjoul dates from Zaytoun: find your local stockist at


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