Japanese Fast Food | Food Throwing into Garbage

Food Crisis-Source ifood.tvJapanese doesn’t have agriculture area largely. Horticulture crop is the main product that has been produced. For that reason that Japanese have to import another need for raw material from almost 80 % another country. Only 20 % Japanese produces material for food sector. Now a day, in japanese, all day is the busy day. For a worker,businessman, student, and so on for them there is no much time to prepare dish for lunch. To solve that problem, they likely choose to buy dish from nearest food store. No much time.

At least, there are 45.000 food store with various foods and tastes. Snack and heavy foods are always choose . They are opened around the clock, 7 days a week. In Indonesia, we just find food store only in large city such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and so on. Because they have a lot of consumer, food stores gets huge impact for food developer. Yes, profitable. just for simple matter.., eating.

Fast Food-Waiting to throw into garbageBehind a fact, Japanese food 3 times a day than what they produce it, just because out of date. We can imagine that raw materials have been imported from another country and they must paid for it, then was made by Japanese ways, eventual have to throw it into trash garbage. Making food, and waiting for several hours and nobody buy it, the workers has been instructed to “move it” into garbage. Wow. I never see like this before. I just saw remnant of foods in garbage or rather but not in japanese. When that food was checked again, it is can be eaten even though out of date. Then when some workers are asked why they were throwed in, they said this is a goverment authorities.
Imagine that, 45.000 food in japanese stores do the same thing in a day and collecting in one area. We just see of mount of food. Throwing into garbage as waste. In other situation, Japanese is struggling to fight starving for unemployee and homeless and this social management was conducted by Local NGO that aware and care. At least, that food can be more useful and considering by time and safety than move into garbage.
This report, as a result from interview was conducted from a worker on a food store in Japanese and was aired by Metro TY, Indonesia, Vuduciel-Earth from Above TV Program on April 15, 2011.


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