Speechless2 weeks has gone. The time has come for me to be a speaker of presentation about daily activities in front of the class with small group master program in english. I remember, the lecturer didn,t allow us to bring note book or even a small note. I am sure that I can be a speaker in my daily activities presentation without remembering any detail words. Besides, I often to be a MC on Seminar, of course, it didn’t mean a problem for me. That made me confident. I just wrote some template. When the lecturer called me to be a first speaker, she Said “ Who is the first speaker today? Is anybody to be voluntary? Ok. Eiffelt, u first” I was shocked. I refused for several reasons and in the end she called my friend to be a first speaker. Then, when she finished her daily activities presentation, she called for second times. “ Eiffelt, your turn now ” I took a deep breath and I released slowly. First, I said hello for them then I start to presentation. I thought that everything works. Nothing was going to change. But, something was happened. Suddenly, I was nervous. My body little bit cold and wet. Breathless. I tried to remember, but I couldn’t. even one single word. SPEECHLESS totally. “OH MY GOD” I said. The lecturer asked her student to give several questions for me. 1,2,3 questions came to me and I answered that questions but still I can’t remember. Finally, the lecturer asked me to sit and she said “good job eiffelt. your english is good and let give him applause. Since that time, I punish my self by writing a article in english and publising in 2 days. This punishment for me not take something for granted even a small things.


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