Why should i do It..?

Why should i do it..?Few days ago, I was watching a TV Talkshow. I noticed, this TV program originally came from other country. I did not know what topic they were talking. In second, I heard that the host said “You don’t have to be a religious person to act something that leads to good deed. Do it just because it is good. That is it.” Simple excuse, I think. I know that there must be lot of reason why somebody doing good deed and people has opinion individually about that.

But for a religious person, do good deeds, not only because we are human, we can’t live independently, but far from that. Because every religions and other believes encourage someone to do something good for human and even though animals. There is a law that we accept all the consequences of the action we did. If we are doing something right, we will receive reward from God and heaven. If we are doing something bad, God will not like it and end up to the hell. Let we say, Reward and punishment for everything we did. If we look carefully, reward and punishment are reason allowing us to act something. All of it depends on us to choose it. Because we know the consequences.

So, the reward should more encourage people to act something good rather than bad things.


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